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Friday, April 27, 2012

4:00 "How-To" Workshop: Tips for Getting it All Done (Corinna Ramsey)  Being a home school family has unique challenges. How do you get all of the chores done?  When and how do you start enlisting your children to help? How do you balance extracurricular activities with school work? Is the home school day done at the kitchen table or is each child in their own room? What has worked best for you? Do you ever find time to exercise? In this workshop a home school mom will share how she does it and invite others to share their tips, tricks and ideas too.  Come with your ideas, knowledge, experience or inexperience.  Come to share, learn and laugh.

4:00  Meet and Greet: An Eye to the Future (Panel of experienced homeschoolers) Come hear what homeschool seniors and graduates have to say about their experience. Ask questions, meet the graduates (and their parents), find out how homeschooling works for a variety of different families. If you're just getting started, or you're somewhat skeptical about homeschooling - or have been at this for years! - you are invited to this session.

5:00 Sowing Seeds That Help Your Children Bloom  (Michele Quigley) In a world where success is measured by progress and productivity parents can easily get overwhelmed focusing on academics when their children are still very young.  Learn the how and why of enhancing your pre-school child's learning experiences without a lesson plan.  An encouraging dose of inspiration and practical know how.

5:00 It's So Me! What Fashion Must Say About You (for Teen Girls; Mary Sheehan Warren) Come learn about the difference between the function of clothing and the language of fashion, and how it must communicate the best things about a woman, most especially that she is a daughter of God. The topics of first impressions (person as subject vs. person as object), projection vs. perception, and focal point will be covered, as well as practical points such as fashion personality, color palette, responding to fashion marketing, and wardrobe planning. This presentation is highly interactive and will provide room for questions.

5:00  Becoming a Man After God’s Own Heart (For Teen Boys; Fr. John Putzer) In the first book of the prophet Samuel, God chooses David to be the next King of Israel because he is a “man after God’s own heart.”  God has a unique and marvelous plan for each and every one of us.  But in order to hear and respond to God’s call in our lives, we must first focus on becoming men after His own heart.  In this session, Fr. John Putzer will discuss some of the practical steps necessary to be attentive to how God acts in our lives while we strive to grow into being good Christian gentlemen.

6:00 Toddlers Through Teens and Teaching Time for All (Laura Berquist) "Homeschooling mothers of large families often wonder how on earth they can accomplish all of the tasks they need to do. When we have questions about how to do something, a logical first move is to ask advice from those who are doing it. I am blessed to live in a community with many large families, so in preparing this talk I asked a number of the teaching moms to share their wisdom about how to deal with multiple grade levels simultaneously. Each family is unique, so what works with one may not work with all, but it is a good idea to accumulate tips about various techniques and keep a list. Then when you need help, try one or another of these suggestions, until you find a procedure that works for you."

6:00 How to Stay Safe in the Real World of Social Media  (For Teens; 6 till 7:15 pm; Eric Szatkowski) In a way that is appropriate for middle and high schoolers, students will learn the value of being safe and respectful online and when using their cell phones, as well as the real-life consequences of making bad decisions in the digital age.  Real case examples will demonstrate the risks of online predators, social networking sites like Facebook and MyYearbook, cell phones, sexting and texting, cyberbullying, and online gaming. Due to the age-appropriate nature of this presentation, it does not include live online demonstrations. However, it is very effective, in that Eric reinforces what parents have been trying to teach their kids about being safe with technology, using his real-life experience as a Special Agent, and as a Catholic father of two kids who grew up online. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

10:00 Motivation: The Key to Homeschooling (Laura Berquist) "Home schooling is not always easy. I want to talk about some of the ways I have learned over the years of alleviating the day to day difficulties of home schooling. The key is motivation. I home schooled my own children for 25 years. As a home schooling mother, I was concerned about motivation  for all of those years. As a consultant for Mother of Divine Grace School I have had even more opportunities to think about motivation. I would like to share with you what I  learned in my years of home schooling and consulting about motivating children to do school work cheerfully and be interested in learning for its own sake."

10:00 Finances, Freedom and Vocation: Becoming a Good Steward (Teens; Grace Gleason & Jackie Wild) Have you ever wondered how money will affect your vocation? You know God is calling you -- that He has a mission for YOU in this earthly life. You know that growing in your personal relationship with Christ and being faithful to Him and to His teachings should be your #1 goal in life... Should it be your first financial goal as well? Join us as we open an interactive hour of posing these important questions. Discover how your attitude about money will affect your future. We will explore financial pitfalls that could impede your vocation, as well as financial principles that will enhance your skill within your special calling, and help you plan to meet your future needs. God wants to guide you in this important area of life, as you joyfully respond to His Call!

11:00 Family Centered Living in the Domestic Church  (Michele Quigley)  Joyfully live the Church year with your family. Learn what steps you can take to organize your home and time in a way that flows naturally into the Church's liturgical seasons.  Michele will share her tips on time management and organization to help you intergrate the liturgical year into your family life in a systematic and organic way.

11:00 How to Prepare Your Kids to Vote with a Catholic Conscience (Robert Gotcher)  Holy Mother Church said at Vatican II that lay men and women were to inform their participation in the political order with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our children will begin to participate in civic life well before they leave our homes.  How can we help them form a genuinely Catholic conscience as they make political decisions and evaluate policies? What are the Gospel attitudes, values, and habits that we are to embrace? What concrete form will that preparation take in a Catholic home school? This talk will focus on the importance not only of Catholic social teaching, but of the whole of Catholic family and spiritual life as a seedbed for genuine Catholic political action. 

1:00 Homeschooling for High School (Laura Berquist) "In the early years, until our children are about eleven or twelve, it is relatively easy to be confident that we are providing the best education for our children. At the junior high age doubts often arise. This may happen either because of the children’s change in attitude or our concerns about our own abilities. This talk will address both of those issues, and look at what makes homeschooling through high school both possible and important."

1:00 Consecration and Reparation to the Heart of Jesus through the Heart of Mary (Fr. Dwight Campbell)  For centuries the Church has urged the faithful to practice devotion to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Popes teach that consecration and reparation are the two most perfect forms of devotion to the Two Hearts. Come and learn the meaning of these two devotional practices so that your families may put them into practice and thereby grow in holiness.

2:00 Open Forum: Homeschooling for High School (Panel) After Laura Berquist's talk on "Homeschooling for High School", we'll have another session on the topic so that you can ask questions, share ideas, and continue to learn about how it's possible to successfully -- and joyfully! -- provide an excellent high school experience for your children at home.                                    

2:00 How to Teach Grammar and Make it Stick (Elizbeth Yank) Why teach grammar? How much do I need to know? When should I start? These and other questions will be addressed in this lively talk/discussion. The information shared applies to any grammar program. With helpful, common sense tricks, you can make grammar stick.